Vancouver Island K9 Consulting & Training

It is the goal of VI K9 to offer the very best in personalized training options that will fit all needs and budgets.


Consulting & Training

Service Dogs

VI K9 through MSAR maintains the highest quality of training of the dog, the handler and the pairing process to ensure that the recipient not only get a solidly trained dog but they get the post support needed throughout the integration process.


Individual training and small groups up to 3 teams will commence shortly and be available as needed.
It is the goal of VI K9 to become established to accommodate groups of no more than 6-8 teams at once to maximize the learning potential of the classes themselves.


Have a dirty doggie that needs a bath? Drop in to our Self-Serve U-Bath location. Appointments are ideal due to our schedule. We provide the space, hotwater, Shampoo and Hair Dryer so you can wash and bath your dog. Please see our location here. Cost is 20$ for 30 minutes of use.


What We Offer

To improve the lives and the relationships of humans and canines (in all aspects of their uses) through education and training of those that have direct and indirect impact.
Why is it important to make an educated decision on getting a dog?
Too many times, humans seek the companionship of canines to only find out that it is a lot of work, frustration and at times scary. To avoid these hardships, humans need to become knowledgeable about the specific breeds that are compatible with their lifestyles or be willing to change their lifestyle to meet the needs of the breed they intend to acquire. By doing so, it is the hopes that the humans will ensure that both human and canine inherent needs are met and avoid any potential unwanted behaviour by the canine.
Why is it important to know the breeds of a canine?
It is important to know the breed mixture of a specific canine to be able to identify the behaviours exhibited as actual behaviours or traits/tendencies. This helps better understand the canine and its specific needs as well as to establish the training needed to stop any unwanted behaviours that are being exhibited.
Why is it NOT SAFE to approaching unfamiliar dogs?
It cannot be said enough. No matter if you are a dog lover or not, you should never ever ever pet a dog you are not familiar with. You should always consult the handler.

If it is a pet, then you may get their approval. Even with the approval, care must be taken as some dogs have a defensive bite habit. Let the dog sniff you first, do not pet on top of its head until it is comfortable with you. Dogs that have been abused are very defensive around their head areas and this defensiveness can have little warning.

Colleen and Pixie

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Don't Be Shy

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