Behavioural:  It takes specific training and a full assessment of the conditions that a canine is living in to determine the route causes of perceived bad behaviours of a canine.  VI K9 can examine the big picture and through the needs and routine of the family pack make identify and make recommendations for the changes needed to have long-term improvement to the relationships.

Initial meeting (2 hrs) will consist of detailed examination of the setting (including what the perceived troublesome issues are) and a full report provided (1hr) that gives educational information of the specifics of the dog personality and routine in relation to the breed temperament, a recommended plan(s) of action (total of 3 hrs)

Follow up: Flexible to the needs of the pack, financial situation, demands of the situation continued 1 hour meetings to assess progress and suggest further progressive tasks that will improve the situation and relationship further.

Cost:   $50/hr


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