Pet Care

Pet Care:  Canine home care in a family setting for those that either have a hectic work schedule or travel is needed and the canines cannot accompany the owners.  If you desire your canine to have a lovingly structured and sociable day with other canines in a family setting check us out.  VI K9 can potentially pick up and drop off if time is limited.

Cost: $30 per workday

$35 (24 hrs)

Food:  Recommend food to accompany your dog as many dogs don’t adjust well to change in diet.

Safety:  If you know of any behavioural or social issues, please advise ahead of time.  VIK9 is willing to work on them, training costs are additional costs agreed ahead of time.

NOTE: Space is dependant on the number of Service Dogs being currently trained.  No drop ins available.  Please call ahead.  We will do all we can to accommodate.