Colleen and Pixie

Our 3 month old standard poodle/Australian shepherd puppy was constantly jumping and nipping and excitable and unable to focus on us. She was a sweet puppy who was out of control… With Tyson, she very quickly learned to sit and stay. Tyson was calm and caring and as she calmed down, the jumping and biting diminished and we were also able to relax. Her lessons were punctuated with play and she eagerly went to Tyson’s house. At home we practised what Tyson taught the pup. Tyson gave her a strong basis in impulse control for which we are truly grateful.

I am pleased to highly recommend Tyson King of VI K9 consulting and training.


Tyson is very detailed in his research of the breed of dog that I have, so that I can understand her behaviours better.  He is also very gentle and was able to gain my dog’s trust as he worked one on one with her.


I initially contacted Tyson with a cry of desperation regarding my 2 yr. old Sheltie, Pixie, who didn’t listen to me or obey me.  She loved barking at cars that drove past my house, almost to the point of obsession. The authorities also came to my house reporting complaints from my neighbours about her barking.


Needless to say, I was at the end of my rope.  I was seriously considering giving her away.  Inside the house, she wasn’t much better.  It made it hard to relax in the evening as she was continuously barking at the T.V. and biting my feet when I walked.

Maybe I loved her…even that was questionable, but I sure didn’t like her.


Tyson showed me methods of bonding, trust and reward that have worked wonders on Pixie.  In two weeks, the results were evident.


My friends say she is a different dog.  I continue to work with Tyson’s guidelines and suggestions to enable Pixie to be the best dog she can be.


I am pleased to say that I love and like Pixie now, and I am so happy I reached out to Tyson for help.  He was a true lifesaver!

 With gratitude,

Colleen and Pixie