Service Dogs

18__03_2016--__image2__All the following Service Dogs fields can be individual or combined with one another within the spectrum of skills of the Service Dog.  Specific selection a particular breed, breed tendencies, aptitude of skill sets play significant part in finding the ideal canine for each intended recipient.  VI K9 through a Canada wide network of trainers maintains the highest quality of training of the dog, the handler and the pairing process to ensure that the recipient not only get a solidly trained dog but they get the post support needed throughout the integration process.  Service Dogs through this organization must pass a team test to achieve full certification and re-certification is required every 3 years.  This is to ensure that the Service Dog is maintaining it`s skill sets already achieved; the team maintains very high standards and that any changes to the Service Dog`s skill sets can be identified to meet the changes of the needs of the human.
In certain cases where the handler is available to be a part of the training program and has a suitable pet available to be trained up as a service dog, this option can be considered and is cost effective (1/3 of the normal cost). Contact us for details *


In the near future VIK9 will be looking to expand our staff and adding more qualified dog trainers to work with our clients. We will be looking for qualified and experienced dog trainers that have a passion towards increasing their skills when it comes to service dog training and working with our clientele.



Service Dog Breed Restrictions ( Full Bred or Cross Bred ) : German Shepherd, Rottweiler, Pit Bull, Doberman Pincher, Mastiffs, Husky Malamute. ( these breeds are commonly perceived by the public as being aggressive. However, individual cases can be assessed for suitability as a service dogs )


Service Dogs available include:
PTSD, Autism, Hearing Impaired, Deaf Assistance, Anxiety
LEWA PTSD Service Dog

LEWA PTSD Service Dog

Medical Detection:

Seizure Response, Seizure Detection, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Cancer, Down Syndrome, Bi-Polar, Fetal Alcohol: 

Physical Assistance: 

VI-K9 is proud to be a trainer under contract with Courageous Companions Canada. Providing Greater Victoria Area support for that charitable organization.

Koda Physical Assistance Service Dog

Koda Physical Assistance Service Dog

* The BCJI is now considered voluntary as the Human Rights Code  now recognizes other service dog organizations and certifications other than what is listed in the BC Guide and Services Dog Act.

Learn more here: The Rights of Certified Dog and Handler Teams