Standard poodle and friends

RE: Post Tramatic Stress Disorder
Mental Trauma Awareness

It is my pleasure to offer this letter in reference to the above noted
course taught by Mr. Tyson King.
Mr. King is a member of my Church and he and his working dog are
consistent attendees. Seeing how Tyson is assisted with his PTSD by his
dog is truly amazing. It gives one hope.
1. When this course was offered I gathered up my courage and
joined. I’m so glad I did as the sessions were very well taught and
I learned that what I have been suffering with has a real
possibility of being successfully treated. At the very least,
recognizing my problem has been greatly beneficial.
I cannot more highly recommend taking this workshop with Mr. Tyson
King. I will always be very grateful.


Karen I. Olsen
778 351-1149


Our 3 month old standard poodle/Australian shepherd puppy was constantly jumping and nipping and excitable and unable to focus on us. She was a sweet puppy who was out of control… With Tyson, she very quickly learned to sit and stay. Tyson was calm and caring and as she calmed down, the jumping and biting diminished and we were also able to relax. Her lessons were punctuated with play and she eagerly went to Tyson’s house. At home we practised what Tyson taught the pup. Tyson gave her a strong basis in impulse control for which we are truly grateful.