Pet training

Obedience Training: training and small groups up to 3 teams will commence shortly and be available as needed.
It is the goal of VI K9 to become established to accommodate groups of no more than 6-8 teams at once to maximize the learning potential of the classes themselves.  Benefits to this is that it keeps the classes cost effective while maintaining an optimal learning pace.  The group aspect allows for teams to learn together, teams can learn from each other via comparing and fun competition and continue the socialisation training for the canines during the `fun time`.  Before classes are to occur, clients will need to fill out the electronic waiver forms, client information forms, and have an initial free consult (if possible, in person) to ensure group suitability or readiness is possible for each canine.  During this consult it will be determined at what level the team is at so that the team is challenged to excel.  VI K9 intends to deal with canines from ages 6 months and up in group settings.  If a canine or its handler is deemed to be unsuitable (for any reason) in groups as large as 4-5 teams then smaller groups will be organized including individual training as needed.
Refer to the calendar (to be established) on location and training times for small and large group sessions.  Individual training will be on a case by case basis and all attempts will be made to meet the availability of the client.  If this is not possible, I will be glad to refer you to another trainer.
Level 1:
 It is a 10 week sequence of 1 hour classes that include: Sit, Release, Stay, Controlled Stay, Down, Controlled Walking (Part 1), Watch,  Informal Longline Recall, Leave it, Give, Drop It, Handing Exam,
Level 2:
It is a 10 week sequence of 1 hour classes that include:  Review of Level 1, Sit-Stay from Halfway, Down-Stay from Halfway, Controlled Walking (Part 2), Quiet Attached Stay, Sit-Stay from the End, Down-Stay from the End, Longline Recall, Controlled Walking (Part 3), Handling Exam
It is a 10 week sequence of 1 hour classes that include: Emergency Down, Emergency Return, Sit for Examination, Stand for Examination, Heeling,and off leash training of Level 1 and 2, Handling Exam
Agility Training:
No Agility Training is intended to be a part of VI K9 Training curriculum.  VI K9 is willing to refer to available trainers that do include Agility Training (for recreation or sport).
 Depending on the progress of each individual team, teaching fun tricks will be used for teams that are progressing faster than the rest and to keep the classes interesting will be used.  Individual classes can be arranged.
Individual Team Training $40 per hour.
2-3 Team Training Sessions $35 per hour.
6-8 Team Training Sessions $30 per hour.
Payments will be expected according to the following: Weeks 1-5 due upon registration.  Weeks 6-10 due prior to completion of week 5 session.  Missed classes are discouraged as the classes will build upon one another.  If scheduling conflicts arise, notice of no less than 24 hours prior to class is to occur to allow for accommodation to be scheduled.  Missed classes without notice forfeit any chance of refund.  If serious scheduling conflicts arise that cause the unavailability for work around then on a case by case basis, refund of payment for classes not yet covered will be considered.  Additional or make-up classes will be considered on a case by case basis.